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Food & Wine Magazine | Brats Reubens

This recipe is more than a little different. Different, but, pretty damn tasty. If you take the time to make it, I am certain you’ll agree.

Food & Wine Magazine | Brats Reubens

You know things are a little off when Phil Dunphy is associated with a recipe you’re about to whip up. You read right. Phil is in your kitchen!

Ty Burrell of Modern Family fame (among other things) has a recipe that appears in a recent issue of Food & Wine Magazine. It seems Ty is a foodie/beerie. He just opened Beer Bar located in Salt lake City, Utah of all places. It’s directly next door to, Bar X, of  which he is a co-owner. Beer Bar serves a huge list of 150 beers and they’re paired with house-made bratwursts. I think that was part of a dream I had a few nights back. Almost too good to be true.

Beer and brats. A classic combo.

Ty has teamed up with Salt Lake City Chef Viet Pham to help with his restaurants culinary inspirations. We recently tried our hand at constructing their Brat Reubens.

Have a look at the results…

The Relish

That relish had tons of flavor. Mighty good.


Some assembly required…

The Finished Product

It tastes WAY better than it looks right here. Although, honestly, it doesn’t look that bad.

The Finished Product

NOTE: We used a fresh made local bratwurst from Bob’s Processing in South Haven, Michigan. They have great stuff there. If you ever find yourself cruising through SW Michigan and crave some smoked meat or award winning house cured bacon this is THE place.

It’s hard to even see the bun through all of the toppings! That’s pretty great, right?

This sandwich really delivered. Oh, but how do you make it you ask. Here’s a link to all of the delicious details.


If you take a crack at this, drop us an email or leave a comment and let us know how your effort went.


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