Fresh. There Is No Substitute

Fresh Pike Place Seafood

When your dinner/lunch is still growing or wiggling moments before you consume it, that’s a good thing. There is no substitute for fresh. It’s something that can’t be faked. Can’t be created from thin air. It’s either fresh or it’s not. End of discussion.

It’s getting to be the time of year when Farmer’s Markets all over the country will be hosting a eye popping array of freshness that is specific to their region. And, it’s a bounty that should be enjoyed as long as it’s available to you.

I’m not saying that the endless sea of organic/local/fresh picked products that are now available in local grocery chains aren’t good options. They can be. What I am saying, is that it’s great to look the grower straight in the eye and know he or she has put some of their energy, effort and expertise into your meal.

Super Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

I’m in Seattle this week. And, Pike Market is one of these best examples of how farm to your table is done right. Not to say that there’s not a fair amount of good old American capitalism at work in the market. That’s to be expected, appreciated and admired. It’s a surreal cross between carnival midway and fresh food emporium. Loaded with everything that the season has to offer. And, at times much more.

There is more to the market than just the food. There are the people. At times, LOTS of people.

I’m always left wondering if the folks who man the fresh vegetable, flower and seafood stalls feel like they are part of some kind kind of dream-like, non-stop photo op. Being snapped by an endless sea of iPhone, camera and table wielding visitors. Kind of like a reverse red carpet. To their credit, most of them seem unbelievably unfazed by the never-ending clicking and flashing. They’re numb to it for sure. Cheerily slicing free pear samples or doling out small morsels of the most delicious smoked salmon your taste buds will ever delight in. All the while being immortalized in thousands of travel memories.

Food, people and atmosphere. It’s all one big, unforgettable food circus where the produce is in the center ring. A sight to behold!


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